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Home of delicious artisan juices, bubbly soft drinks, authentic sulphite free Devon cider and raw, unpasteurised apple cider vinegar. Traditionally produced on our South Devon family-run farm, the Heron Valley philosophy has always been ‘if in doubt, leave it out’, so we don’t put any added yeasts, sulphites or weird E-numbers into any of our drinks, and only use the best, natural, whole ingredients.

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Our award-winning range of Devon ciders, pure fruit juices, raw apple cider vinegar and delicious bubblies and mixers are all lovingly hand-made on our family farm in beautiful South Devon.

We’ve been producing traditional Devon cider for generations, using only the best local apples grown on our farm and from local orchards that farm using no pesticides or fungicides. We’re committed to practices that put wildlife at the front and centre of all that we do. We work with the Devon Wildlife Trust to create pollinator-friendly meadow land and underplant our orchards with bee-friendly wildflowers.

We hand-select the best quality fruit, picked for natural sweetness and use traditional methods to ensure our drinks are sulphite, preservative and additive free.

We use recycled and recyclable glass, recyclable aluminium lids and recycled cardboard for all our packaging. We have always followed a path of ensuring our products are made in a sustainable way, from how our drinks are packaged to how they are made and what ingredients we use.

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Forget about sulphites and adding yeast, the best cider is made traditionally using natural processes and ingredients.

Our cider is fermented using heritage high tannin apples, naturally occurring wild yeasts and absolutely no added sulphites.

We use over 30 different cider apple varieties to make our cider, blending sweet and sharp apples to make a refreshing, delicious, naturally fermented Devon cider. Completely natural and perfect for vegans and vegetarians, our cider is gluten and lactose free.

The natural fermentation process takes time and patience. We press our cider apples in October, with the first new season cider ready in mid April.

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