Devon Ciders

Shop our multi-award winning Devon cider online and get our traditionally-made, sulphite-free cider delivered straight to your door at no extra cost. Made using only locally grown Devon cider apples, wild yeasts and patience, our amazing sparkling, dry and medium sweet ciders are a true taste of West Country summertime.

We use high tannin heritage cider apples for their refreshing taste and brilliant antibacterial properties, meaning we don’t have to add any sulphites to our cider. Great news for those with sulphite allergies, or if you just love your drinks to only have honest ingredients and natural fermentation.

Buy our still cider bottled or, for parties and special occasions, order a bag in a box available in 5L (10 pint), 10L (20 pint) and 20L (40 pint) volumes - perfect for barbeques and celebrations. All of our traditional Devon cider is hand-made without the addition of sulphites or yeast and aged in oak barrels until it's fully fermented. With a smooth, mellow flavour, you'll be drinking it long after the cows come home.

Bottled cider prices are per case of 12 or 24 bottles.

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