Mixed Bubblies Case


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Get the best of our award-winning bubbly mixers with a mixed case of large or small bottles. Each case contains either two of each 750ml bottles or four of each 250ml bottles of our six best-selling fizzy soft drinks as below:

Pink Lemonade, Fiery Ginger Beer, Lime & Ginger Fizz, Elderflower Fizz, Cloudy Lemonade and Wild Nettle Fizz.

That's 12 or 24 bottles of amazing bubbly Devonshire goodness.

12 x 750ml12 x 750ml
24 x 275ml24 x 275ml

Perfect for those who want a selection of mixers and bubbly drinks for the holiday season, our brilliant mixed bubblies boxes are the perfect way stock up on our award-winning fizzy drinks.

Just choose between our large 750ml bottles or smaller 250ml mixer bottles and we'll take care of the rest.

  • 12 x 750ml case contains: 2 x Lime & Ginger Fizz, 2 x Elderflower Fizz, 2 x Cloudy Lemonade, 2 x Wild Nettle Fizz, 2 x Fiery Ginger Beer, 2 x Pink Lemonade
  • 24 x 275ml case contains: 4 x Lime & Ginger Fizz, 4 x Elderflower Fizz, 4 x Cloudy Lemonade, 4 x Wild Nettle Fizz, 4 x Fiery Ginger Beer, 4 x Pink Lemonade
  • Suitable for vegans and coeliacs  


  • Lime & Ginger Fizz: Limes, root ginger, sugar, bubbly Devon spring water
  • Elderflower Fizz: Elderflowers, sugar, Citric acid, bubbly Devon water
  • Cloudy Lemonade: Whole lemons, sugar, strawberries, bubbly Devon spring water
  • Wild Nettle Fizz: Wild nettle leaves, sugar, citric acid, bubbly Devon spring water
  • Fiery Ginger Beer: Root ginger, lemons, sugar, bubbly Devon spring water
  • Pink Lemonade: Whole lemons, sugar, strawberries, bubbly Devon spring water
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