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Maine event

Tue Mar 14 2017 by Tash

All the lovely fruity acidity of cranberry without the clawing sugary taste ...

Maine Event

50ml Good Vodka

200ml Cranberry Fizz (no added sugar)

Basil Leaf

Pour the Vodka over ice in a tall High ball glass.  Top up with Heron Valley Cranberry Fizz and stir well.  Float a Basil leaf on the surface and drink with a straw.

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Tue Mar 14 2017 by Tash

We love this - natural sweetness, mint and the kick of Bourbon - delicious!

Heron Valley Apple Julep


6 mint leaves

50ml Bourbon

200ml naturally sweet apple juice

In a chilled tumbler, muddle the mint leaves, then add plenty of crushed ice.  Pour over the bourbon and top up with the naturally sweet apple juice - stir very well and enjoy

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Dark and Stormy Rum Cocktail

Thu Dec 18 2014 by Tash

The best Pirate drink ever - honoured by sailors across the globe and drunk with dangerous abandon by sea farers on the Heron Valley bar at the Dartmouth Regatta...

There is no better place to drink a Heron Valley Dark and Stormy than inside the Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island at high tide, with a storm lashing the ancient smuggler pub windows... Ask Vlad to mix you up a Heron Valley special!

Heron Valley 'Dark and Stormy'

50ml Dark or spiced rum

(everyone fights about the best rum - we love Mount Gay, but if I don't mention Goslings, then Reggie will never speak to us again!)

200ml Heron Valley Fiery Ginger beer

1/4 fresh lime

In a highball glass, pour the rum over plenty of ice, top up with our Heron Valley Fiery Ginger beer and squeeze in a big wedge of lime - stir well and drink.

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Apple mojito

Tue Mar 14 2017 by Tash

Heron Valley Apple Mojito

This is the hands down, best selling cocktail on the Heron Valley bar - easy to make, with no added sugar (the apple juice gives the cocktail natural sweetness) and completely delicious - you will end up making these constantly once you've got the knack!


50ml Mount Gay rum or good white rum if you prefer

6 fresh mint leaves

juice from 1/2 a lime and a wedge of lime for the glass

150ml naturally sweeter apple juice


Muddle 6 mint leaves in the bottom of a good high ball glass then top up with plenty of ice.

In a Boston cocktail shaker, shake together the rum, apple juice, lime juice, 4 remaining mint leaves and 4 or 5 ice cubes. 

Strain the rum, apple juice, lime and mint into the highball glass, add a big slice or wedge of lime and a couple of mint leaves for decoration.

There you go - simple!  

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Gin and Pink

Tue Mar 14 2017 by Tash

Delicious and dangerous as this one can definitely sneak up on you!  Perfect on a summers afternoon, not too sweet and full of lovely lemons and fresh strawberry..

Gin and Pink (AKA the Pink Panther)

50ml your favourite Gin (we love Sipsmith)

200ml Heron Valley Pink Lemonade

Fresh Strawberries and mint leaves

Pour your gin into a good tumbler or high ball glass over plenty of ice.  Top up with the Pink Lemonade, slice a strawberry in half and slide onto the top of the glass with a couple of fresh mint leaves - add a stripy straw and 'Voila' ... happy drinking!

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Hot Mulled Cider and apple juice

Sat Dec 17 2016 by Tash

Make winter friskier with a hot mulled cider or apple juice on bonfire night, winter beach barbeques, Christmas Eve, or really anytime when you feel the need to wear woolly gloves and sing outside in the cold.

Mulled apple juice is ideal for children, drivers and pregnant friends and sisters.

Simple to make, the mulled apple juice requires you to only heat up a bottle or 2 of our naturally sweet apple juice with a mulling spice sachet, and hey presto, you have the perfect winter drink.

Mulled Cider is as simple – just warm up a 75cl bottle of our still cider with a cup of sugar (to taste), a mulling spice sachet and ½ a lemon, and you have the best hot toddy ever! A 6% ABV also means a friendlier hangover than mulled wine…’

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