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Hot Mulled Cider and apple juice

Sat Dec 17 2016 by Tash

Make winter friskier with a hot mulled cider or apple juice on bonfire night, winter beach barbeques, Christmas Eve, or really anytime when you feel the need to wear woolly gloves and sing outside in the cold.

Mulled apple juice is ideal for children, drivers and pregnant friends and sisters.

Simple to make, the mulled apple juice requires you to only heat up a bottle or 2 of our naturally sweet apple juice with a mulling spice sachet, and hey presto, you have the perfect winter drink.

Mulled Cider is as simple – just warm up a 75cl bottle of our still cider with a cup of sugar (to taste), a mulling spice sachet and ½ a lemon, and you have the best hot toddy ever! A 6% ABV also means a friendlier hangover than mulled wine…’

You will need...