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Christmas Advent

Tue Dec 2 2014 by Tash

Here are some lovely recipes for those non drinking guests, drivers, pregnant sisters and children over Christmas - we'll be posting a new recipe every day until Christmas, so if you are searching for inspiration, look no further!

Mulled apple juice

Serves 8

Recover from Christmas shopping and curl up in front of a crackly fire with one of these lovely winter warmers..


2 x 75cl bottles Heron Valley Naturally Sweet apple juice

1 x mulling spice sachet (there are 2 in our lovely Mulling Spice box)

In a large pan, gently warm the apple juice and mulling spices together over a low heat (never let the juice boil) until the mulling spices infuse into the juice.

Pour into heat proof glasses and serve.

Simple, heart warming and delicious!

You will need...