down the grassy lane, over the river, through the orchards and you're there

Bag in a Box - Dry

  Perfect for a party, a genuine, straight from the oak barrel Devon Cider, delivered to your door. This is a live product and therefore has a shelf life of approximately 4 weeks - keep in a cool cupboard or fridge if possible - delicious, authentic and the perfect summer cooler or delicious as the key ingredient in our winter Mulled Cider recipe for the perfect Christmas welcome drink ! No sulphites or yeasts added, just cider apples and a lot of patience.    

4.5% AbV         

Devon Cider apples, Devon water  (nothing else!)

Winter Mulled Cider

Mulled Cider

Serves 4

2 litres Heron Valley Medium Cider

Approx 1/2 a tea cup of soft brown sugar - to taste

1 x Heron Valley Mulling Spice bag

1 Orange - sliced

4 Cinnamon sticks

Put the cider, sugar and mulling spices in a pan over a gentle heat.  Warm through and allow the spices to infuse.  Serve in heat proof glasses with a slice of fresh orange and a cinnamon stick.

Taste of the West Awards 2018 GOLD - CHAMPION CIDER FINALIST
10 litre bag in box cider
20 litre bag in box cider
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