down the grassy lane, over the river, through the orchards and you're there
Don't be fooled, things aren't actually all that sleepy down here in deepest Devon ... See below for the latest news from Heron Valley and the orchards...

Back to the Land

Tue Mar 14 2017 by Tash

Watch us on 'Back to the Land' BBC2 8pm Tuesday 14th March with the lovely Kate Humble, for a master class in the trials of running a rural business! 

Think Tipping rain, deer strike on the orchards, building delays, rubbish apple crop and lots and lots of mud...

Rural Idyll?  We love Devon!


Thu Mar 9 2017 by Tash

Look who we found sleeping at Heron Valley - looks like the Devon Wildlife Trusts work on Dormouse protection has been successful in our lovely valley...

All hail the gorgeous endangered British Dormouse - such a privilege to meet one!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Mon Mar 6 2017 by Tash
Our delicious live organic Cider Vinegar - complete with the all important live vinegar mother- is now living it up on the shelves of our favourite farm shops and delis. 

Order yours online now by following the link below.
Apple Cider Vinegar is reputed to have numerous health benefits - great for eczema, creaky joints, alkalising your body, glossy hair... you name it apple cider vinegar can apparently fix it!

Back to the land 2

Sun Feb 5 2017 by Tash

It's back to the land... literally, as we plant the next collection of trees in our heritage orchard...

We have a very exposed site with not great depth of Top Soil .. we're starting to get a feel for which apple varieties will thrive in windy high altitude locations

This year we will be planting my favourite 'Ten Commandments' - I only know 1 other tree of this variety growing in Devon at the moment, beautiful tree with wonderful fruit.

Contact us to visit the orchard.           

Dartmouth Regatta

Wed Aug 31 2016 by Tash

Dartmouth Regatta is here!!!!

We're set up and ready for you Dartmouth - cocktails and glitter Heron Valley style - lovely Cider available too - come and see us in the Royal Avenue Gardens.

x Tash and the Heron Valley A team x

10 green bottles

Fri Jun 3 2016 by Tash

sitting on a wall....

Wow - when did we start making so many bubbly drinks? 

Cocktail Jugs

Wed Jun 1 2016 by Tash
Our new Heron Valley cocktail jugs have arrived!  

Order a jug of your favourite Heron Valley cocktail and save time queuing at the bar, so there's more time to catch up on all the gossip with your friends...

Oh deer!

Tue May 17 2016 by Tash
Look who we found hiding in the long meadow grass in the new orchard - beautiful but naughty - tucking in to the new leaves and buds on the young apple trees....


Fri May 13 2016 by Tash
Beautiful heron spotted at Snape's Point in Salcombe ... Magical creature....

May Blossom

Sat Apr 23 2016 by Tash
Happy days at Heron Valley! Here's our first ever blossom from our new orchard planted in February... The Red Sentinel Crab apple not only has the earliest blossom it's also an excellent companion pollinator and incredibly beautiful...
Bring on the bees!!!

'GOLD always believe in your soul...'

Thu Jun 18 2015 by Tash

 Not just a brilliant 80's Spandau ballet song...   

Yes! we have won not just 1 but 2 Gold awards for our delicious new Summer Berry Fizz and our Unique and bubbly Wild Nettle Fizz at the Taste of the West awards 2015!!!

In a bid to make life friskier, we suggest mixing your Summer berry with Vodka and your Wild Nettle with Pimms or Sipsmith Summer cup for lazy afternoons in the garden...

Gold Award Winner!

Mon Jun 8 2015 by Tash
We’re so happy that our new Summer Berry Fizz won GOLD at the Taste of the West Awards 2015!

Enjoy yours simply served in tall glass poured over ice - it's summer in a glass!

Or for a delicious summer cocktail, try our Berry Cooler - Strawberries, Blackcurrants and Gin make the perfect combination:

50ml Sipsmith Gin 
200ml Heron Valley Summer Berry Fizz 
Fresh Strawberries 
Large sprig of mint

Pour your gin into a chilled highball or cocktail glass over plenty of ice, top up with Summer Berry Fizz, stir well. Decorate with a fresh strawberry on the glass rim and add a big sprig of fresh mint. Delicious.

Our refreshing Wild Nettle Fizz (great with Pimms!) won a GOLD Taste of the West Award too! Eyes peeled for a special Wild Nettle Fizz offer next month…

Wild Nettle Fizz

Fri Jun 5 2015 by Tash
Sunshine! Time for Pimms? 

Our Wild Nettle Fizz is delicious and refreshing, served tall over ice or for a summer cocktail, less sweet than a conventional Pimms, make our signature Pimms Stinger (see recipe below).

Pimms Stinger

50ml Pimms or Sipsmith Summer Cup
200ml Heron Valley Wild Nettle Fizz
Cucumber slices
Fresh Mint
Orange slices
Fresh Strawberries

Tall glass, plenty of ice, Pimms or Sipsmith Summer cup topped up with Wild Nettle Fizz.  Serve with plenty of bruised mint leaves, cucumber, orange slices and fresh strawberries. Enjoy!

Mothers Ruin

Wed Mar 4 2015 by Tash

Mothers ruin...?

Mothers Day is around the corner and to celebrate we thought we’d give you our recipe for the best Mother’s day cocktail we know involving our favourite ‘Mothers Ruin’ Gin and our lovely Pink Lemonade made from juicy strawberries and sharp , zesty Lemons...

Simple and Pink (what’s not to like!).

Perfect for drinking when dancing around your handbags to Abba...

Heron Valley ‘Gin and Pink’

50ml Plymouth or Sipsmith Gin

150ml Heron Valley Pink Lemonade

Fresh Strawberry

In a tall glass, plenty of ice, add double shot of good Plymouth gin and top up with Heron Valley pink lemonade – decorate with fresh strawberry...and dance to Abba around your handbags....





The Amorous Apple

Wed Feb 11 2015 by Tash

Here's a fabulous French Concoction featuring Amaretto, Heron Valley apple juice and Vodka...perfect for Valentine day!

Pomme L'amour (etto) 

25ml Amaretto

25ml Vodka

100ml Heron Valley Sweet apple juice

100ml soda water

Shake all the ingredients (except the soda water) in a Cocktail shaker with ice.

Strain into a high ball or tumbler with plenty of ice, top up with soda water, stir well and add a slice of fresh apple... Voila!

Plant a tree in our new orchard!

Tue Feb 10 2015 by Tash
WIN the unique chance to plant your own apple tree in our new Heron Valley orchards!

We're very excited about the new tree planting we've started in our lovely new Heron Valley orchards, and we would love to give one of you the opportunity to come and plant your own tree to share in our excitement! (We will provide the tree!)

We will pick a lucky winner at random on Wednesday 25th February, and arrange a mutually convenient time for you to come and plant your tree. 

All you need to do is get yourself to deepest Devon (Loddiswell, near Kingsbridge) and we will do the rest. We will also give you some Heron Valley goodies to take away with you as a souvenir of your day!

Entering is very simple:

1) Sign up to the Heron Valley VIP mailing list, if you haven't already:

2) Like the Heron Valley Drinks Facebook page, if you haven’t already:

3) Like our Facebook competition post

And finally, why not earn some good karma and give your friends a chance to win too by sharing our Facebook competition post?

Don’t forget to check back on our Facebook page on 25th February to see if you have won!


Win a case of cocktail mixers!

Mon Feb 2 2015 by Tash
To celebrate the end of Dry January, and to get in the mood for LOVE in time for Valentine’s Day… 

We're offering you the chance to WIN a case of 12 bottles of delicious & refreshing Heron Valley cocktail mixers of your choice!

We will pick our lucky winner at random on Tuesday 10th February, so we can hurry your case of goodies to you in time to enjoy on Valentine’s Day!

Entering is very simple. All you have to do is:

1) Sign up to the Heron Valley mailing list on our ‘contact’ page, if you haven’t already: (just type ‘Feb Competition’ in the message box)

2) Like the Heron Valley Drinks Facebook page, if you haven’t already:

And finally, SHARE THE LOVE and give your friends a chance to win too by sharing our Facebook competition post on your timeline.

Don’t forget to check back on our Facebook page on 10th February to see if you have won! 


Clams in cider

Thu Jan 29 2015 by Tash

January is a great month to eat Clams - we buy ours off the beach at Slapton - Cider and Seafood are a perfect marriage, and this recipe is simple and delicious..

Serves 6


1 tbsp olive oil

1 onion, chopped

3 fat cloves of garlic, chopped

3 mild chillies, deseeded and chopped (we get ours from the South Devon Chilli Farm)

8 rashers smoked streaky dry-cure bacon, chopped into ½cm pieces

420g spaghetti

3kg clams

500ml dry Heron Valley Cider

leaves from a big bunch of flatleaf parsley, chopped

Heat the olive oil in a casserole dish and fry the onion, garlic, chillies and bacon over a medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the onion has softened and the bacon is slightly crisp. Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti in plenty of boiling, salted water.

Add the clams to the casserole dish. Stir them into the onion and bacon mixture.

Add the cider, put on the lid and leave to cook for another couple of minutes until all the shells have opened (discard any that remain closed), giving the clams a stir once or twice. Stir in the parsley and season with black pepper. Drain the spaghetti and toss with the clam and cider sauce.

Apple Mojito

Mon Jan 26 2015 by Tash

Heron Valley Apple Mojito

This is the hands down, best selling cocktail on the Heron Valley bar - easy to make, with no added sugar (the apple juice gives the cocktail natural sweetness) and completely delicious - you will end up making these constantly once you've got the knack!


50ml Mount Gay rum or good white rum if you prefer

10 fresh mint leaves

juice from 1/2 a lime and a wedge of lime for the glass

150ml naturally sweeter apple juice


Muddle 6 mint leaves in the bottom of a good high ball glass then top up with plenty of ice.

In a Boston cocktail shaker, shake together the rum, apple juice, lime juice, 4 remaining mint leaves and 4 or 5 ice cubes. 

Strain the rum, apple juice, lime and mint into the highball glass, add a big slice or wedge of lime and a couple of mint leaves for decoration.

There you go - simple!

Apple Julep

Sun Jan 25 2015 by Tash

Heron Valley Apple Julep


6 mint leaves

50ml Bourbon

200ml naturally sweet apple juice

In a chilled tumbler, muddle the mint leaves, then add plenty of crushed ice.  Pour over the bourbon and top up with the naturally sweet apple juice - stir very well and enjoy

bumble bees

Sun Jan 11 2015 by Tash
Did you know that the best pollinators for fruit trees (apples especially) are our native, gorgeous, friendly, and increasingly endangered, bumbly bumble bees?
Better than any other insect at ensuring our apple blossom is pollinated and that we get fruit from our trees, we will be taking special care to incorporate bumble bee burrows and habitats in our beautiful new orchards.
Read the bumblebee fact sheet and ensure you have a bumblebee friendly garden and make bumble bee friendly nests with your family!

The Virgin Hedgerow Stinger

Sat Jan 3 2015 by Tash

Try this lovely refreshing, non alcoholic bubbly cocktail and rejoice!  Ideal for those trying to achieve a dry January and help their livers recover from the festive season...

Virgin Hedgerow Stinger

100ml Heron Valley Naturally Sweet apple juice

150ml Heron Valley Wild Nettle Fizz

A thin slice of fresh apple and nettle leaf

In a tall highball glass or tumbler, pour the apple juice over plenty of ice and top up with the Wild nettle fizz.  Add thinly sliced apple and a single nettle leaf (drop briefly into boiling water to remove the stinging hairs)...

Delicious and different....

New year detox ideas

Thu Jan 1 2015 by Tash
If your livers have taken a bashing this Christmas, why not enjoy a wee detox with our lovely, natural juices and bubbly drinks ....

Featuring our best selling organic apple with root ginger, our delicious bubbly wild nettle fizz and our delicious, no added sugar cranberry fizz sweetened with pear juice... A refreshing way to restore a little balance in your diet and alleviate the excesses of the festive season...

We are now selling a new 6 bottle detox box with 2 bottles of each of the products for you to try - delivered to your door for £20.20!

Happy new year! 

Dark and Stormy Rum Cocktail

Thu Dec 18 2014 by Tash

The best Pirate drink ever - honoured by sailors across the globe and drunk with dangerous abandon by sea farers on the Heron Valley bar at the Dartmouth Regatta...

There is no better place to drink a Heron Valley Dark and Stormy than inside the Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island at high tide, with a storm lashing the ancient smuggler pub windows... Ask Vlad to mix you up a Heron Valley special!

Heron Valley 'Dark and Stormy'

50ml Dark or spiced rum

(everyone fights about the best rum - we love Mount Gay, but if I don't mention Goslings, then Reggie will never speak to us again!)

200ml Heron Valley Fiery Ginger beer

1/4 fresh lime

In a highball glass, pour the rum over plenty of ice, top up with our Heron Valley Fiery Ginger beer and squeeze in a big wedge of lime - stir well and drink.


Christmas Advent

Tue Dec 2 2014 by Tash

Here are some lovely recipes for those non drinking guests, drivers, pregnant sisters and children over Christmas - we'll be posting a new recipe every day until Christmas, so if you are searching for inspiration, look no further!

Mulled apple juice

Serves 8

Recover from Christmas shopping and curl up in front of a crackly fire with one of these lovely winter warmers..


2 x 75cl bottles Heron Valley Naturally Sweet apple juice

1 x mulling spice sachet (there are 2 in our lovely Mulling Spice box)

In a large pan, gently warm the apple juice and mulling spices together over a low heat (never let the juice boil) until the mulling spices infuse into the juice.

Pour into heat proof glasses and serve.

Simple, heart warming and delicious!

Name our new Christmas cocktail!

Mon Dec 1 2014 by Tash

Help us name our delicious new Venetian inspired winter/summer/autumn (frankly anytime of the year) Cocktail..

To enter, post your brilliant Cocktail name in the comments section of the competition post on our Facebook page by  Midnight on Sunday 7th December 2014.

The winner will be picked on Monday 8th December and will win a mixed case of all the ingredients you need to make this perfect New Years Eve Cocktail (1 bottle of Campari, 1 bottle of Prosecco, 3 bottles of Ginger beer and 7 bottles of Elderflower)

Using a generous measure of Campari, our Heron Valley Elderflower Fizz, a smidge of our delicious fiery Ginger Beer and topped up with Prosecco, this Cocktail is perfect served in big jugs with plenty of ice and orange slices, and dished out to big groups of friends...

We need a great name to match it's delicious and quietly lethal characteristics... think Venice, sparkliness, pink... tall, refreshing, dangerous.... hmmmmmm

Here's the recipe for a 1 litre jug that will serve 4

200 ml Campari
400ml elderflower
100ml ginger beer
300ml Prosecco
Orange slices

Put the Campari into the jug with plenty of ice and orange slices, top up first with your elderflower, then the ginger beer and finally with the prosecco.  Give a quick stir then serve in individual glasses over ice and with a generous orange slice.

'The Italian Stallion' has already been taken, so get thinking of more good names..!

The Cider House Rules

Wed Nov 5 2014 by Tash

You too can make delicious cider at home... forget using Sulphites (campden tablets) and adding yeast, make your cider like we do by following these simple rules;

1. Only ever use CIDER apples

This is critical if you want to make cider without lot's of preservatives and added yeasts, as the naturally occurring tannins in proper cider apples act as a natural preservative and anti bacterial agent. The tannins also impart that delicious, dry flavour profile to your cider. Don't try to make cider with just any windfall apples, your efforts will be rewarded if you track down the real Cider McCoy! Visit and speak to Adam (yes really) from Adams Apple, to source the best Cider apple tree varieties...

2. Only press the best quality fruit

Forget the old rural myths about adding rats and other horrors to your cider - if you are making additive free cider it is ESSENTIAL that you press only the best, sound, rot and bruise free apples. If you wouldn't eat it, then don't press it...

3. Patience

Once pressed, leave your cider juice to naturally ferment in a simple plastic or stainless steel vessel with a lid that you can leave loose initially then tighten up once your fermentation is complete or with an airlock. Never use glass jars unless they are designed for fermenting, as they can explode when the carbon dioxide (a bi product of fermentation) builds up in the vessel! You can buy domestic fermenting vessels from

We start pressing our cider apples in October and expect a fully fermented, delicious finished Cider by April - you can keep your pressed cider apple juice in a warm environment to speed up the fermentation process if you need, but we like a natural slow fermentation for our Heron Valley Cider.

If all else fails, you can buy our lovely Cider from this site and have it delivered to your door - simple and much easier than pressing Cider apples in November weather!

For more detailed info on how to make your own cider at home, please feel free to contact me [email protected]