down the grassy lane, over the river, through the orchards and you're there


Heron Valley has been making award winning juices and cider for generations on our family farm in deepest Devon. 

We believe in only putting the best whole fruit and raw ingredients into our lovely drinks, with no sulphites or weird E numbers ever added.

Our new Orchards feature some of the oldest heritage apple varieties from the West country, and we are working closely with the wildlife trust to develop beautiful, sustainable orchards with pollinator friendly wild flower meadows.

A little bit about us...

At Heron Valley, we believe in an honest approach to making drinks.

We use approx. 1.5kg of fruit in every 75cl bottle of apple juice, and source many of our apples from rare indigenous apple tree varieties in deepest Devon.  No added sugars find their way into our juices, only ever whole organic or sustainably grown apples, hand washed and pressed, before being bottled by hand and gently pasteurised.  
Our sulphite free Devon Cider is made in an entirely authentic way, using Devon Cider apples, fermented using the natural wild yeasts on the skins of the fruit, with no added yeasts or sulphites, just proper Cider apples and patience. 
Try our delicious bubbly drinks and cordials, either as a lovely refreshing non alcoholic drink or as the best mixer ever in one of our Heron Valley Cocktail recipes. 
Why not also try our wonderful mellow, Organic Raw Cider Vinegar. Delicious sprinkled over salad it also has alleged health giving benefits.  We supply ours unpasteurised and with the vinegar mother included, and use it in every salad dressing and pickle we can.