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The Cider House Rules

Wed Nov 5 2014 by Tash

You too can make delicious cider at home... forget using Sulphites (campden tablets) and adding yeast, make your cider like we do by following these simple rules;

1. Only ever use CIDER apples

This is critical if you want to make cider without lot's of preservatives and added yeasts, as the naturally occurring tannins in proper cider apples act as a natural preservative and anti bacterial agent. The tannins also impart that delicious, dry flavour profile to your cider. Don't try to make cider with just any windfall apples, your efforts will be rewarded if you track down the real Cider McCoy! Visit and speak to Adam (yes really) from Adams Apple, to source the best Cider apple tree varieties...

2. Only press the best quality fruit

Forget the old rural myths about adding rats and other horrors to your cider - if you are making additive free cider it is ESSENTIAL that you press only the best, sound, rot and bruise free apples. If you wouldn't eat it, then don't press it...

3. Patience

Once pressed, leave your cider juice to naturally ferment in a simple plastic or stainless steel vessel with a lid that you can leave loose initially then tighten up once your fermentation is complete or with an airlock. Never use glass jars unless they are designed for fermenting, as they can explode when the carbon dioxide (a bi product of fermentation) builds up in the vessel! You can buy domestic fermenting vessels from

We start pressing our cider apples in October and expect a fully fermented, delicious finished Cider by April - you can keep your pressed cider apple juice in a warm environment to speed up the fermentation process if you need, but we like a natural slow fermentation for our Heron Valley Cider.

If all else fails, you can buy our lovely Cider from this site and have it delivered to your door - simple and much easier than pressing Cider apples in November weather!

For more detailed info on how to make your own cider at home, please feel free to contact me [email protected]


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