down the grassy lane, over the river, through the orchards and you're there

Sparkling Cider

Delicious, with a slight sparkle and good tannin flavours, our award winning Cider is made using Devon Cider apples from our own and small local orchards within 15 miles of Heron Valley.

The juice is then fermented using the naturally occurring wild yeasts on the skins of the apples, before being aged in oak barrels.

We use no sulphites or added yeasts, just Devon Cider apples, wild yeast and patience!

4.5% AbV             

Devon Cider apples, cane sugar, water, CO2 for sparkliness (nothing else!)
Case of 12 x 275ml bottles
Case of 24 x 275ml bottles
Case of 12 x 500ml bottles
...Including UK Mainland Delivery