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Name our new Christmas cocktail!

Mon Dec 1 2014 by Tash

Help us name our delicious new Venetian inspired winter/summer/autumn (frankly anytime of the year) Cocktail..

To enter, post your brilliant Cocktail name in the comments section of the competition post on our Facebook page by  Midnight on Sunday 7th December 2014.

The winner will be picked on Monday 8th December and will win a mixed case of all the ingredients you need to make this perfect New Years Eve Cocktail (1 bottle of Campari, 1 bottle of Prosecco, 3 bottles of Ginger beer and 7 bottles of Elderflower)

Using a generous measure of Campari, our Heron Valley Elderflower Fizz, a smidge of our delicious fiery Ginger Beer and topped up with Prosecco, this Cocktail is perfect served in big jugs with plenty of ice and orange slices, and dished out to big groups of friends...

We need a great name to match it's delicious and quietly lethal characteristics... think Venice, sparkliness, pink... tall, refreshing, dangerous.... hmmmmmm

Here's the recipe for a 1 litre jug that will serve 4

200 ml Campari
400ml elderflower
100ml ginger beer
300ml Prosecco
Orange slices

Put the Campari into the jug with plenty of ice and orange slices, top up first with your elderflower, then the ginger beer and finally with the prosecco.  Give a quick stir then serve in individual glasses over ice and with a generous orange slice.

'The Italian Stallion' has already been taken, so get thinking of more good names..!

You will need...