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Dark and Stormy Rum Cocktail

Thu Dec 18 2014 by Tash

The best Pirate drink ever - honoured by sailors across the globe and drunk with dangerous abandon by sea farers on the Heron Valley bar at the Dartmouth Regatta...

There is no better place to drink a Heron Valley Dark and Stormy than inside the Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island at high tide, with a storm lashing the ancient smuggler pub windows... Ask Vlad to mix you up a Heron Valley special!

Heron Valley 'Dark and Stormy'

50ml Dark or spiced rum

(everyone fights about the best rum - we love Mount Gay, but if I don't mention Goslings, then Reggie will never speak to us again!)

200ml Heron Valley Fiery Ginger beer

1/4 fresh lime

In a highball glass, pour the rum over plenty of ice, top up with our Heron Valley Fiery Ginger beer and squeeze in a big wedge of lime - stir well and drink.

You will need...