down the grassy lane, over the river, through the orchards and you're there

Book the Heron Valley Bar

Book our brilliant Heron Valley Cider and Cocktail bar for your party!

Serving up the best Heron Valley drinks (both alcoholic and non), with friendly bar staff and rustic charm, our bar can travel all over South Devon and further afield by arrangement...

Simply send us your contact details (include a phone number), location and date of your party and approx. number of party goers you would like us to save from thirst, and we'll call you back for a chat and full information on how the bar works...

Contact [email protected] or call us for a chat on 01548 550256

Cocktail list

Here are a few of our best selling cocktails for inspiration - we can also invent new cocktails and name them in honour of you!  Just let us know your favourite spirit and we'll do the rest!

Rum Cocktails

Apple mojito - Rum, sweet apple juice, mint, lime

Dark and Stormy - Rum, Fiery Ginger Beer, Lime

Rum Punch - Rum, Orange and apple juice, lime fizz, Angostura bitters

Gin Cocktails

Gin and Pink (AKA the Pink Panther) - Gin, Pink Lemonade, fresh strawberries

Respect your elders - Gin, Elderflower Fizz, Cucumber

Gin and Lime Fizz - Gin, Lime and ginger fizz, fresh lime

Vodka Cocktails

Devon Donkey - Vodka, Fiery Ginger beer, fresh Lime

Maine event - Vodka, Cranberry fizz

Heron Valley Hedgerow - Vodka, Sweet apple juice, Wild nettle Fizz


Speedy Gonzalez - Tequila, fresh Pomegranate (seasonal), Cranberry Fizz, Basil leaves

Pimms or Sipsmith Summer cup

Pimms Stinger - Pimms/ Summer cup, Wild Nettle Fizz, cucumber, fresh strawberries, oranges and mint

Pirate Pimms - Pimms/ Sipsmith Summer Cup, Fiery Ginger beer, Oranges and mint

These are just a few of the lovely cocktails that we currently make - there are plenty more, and we can always invent new ones for your event featuring your favourite spirit...

Proper Devon Cider

We serve our best, sulphite free, naturally fermented Cider on the bar, chilled and very slightly bubbly... if you prefer we can bring along our delicious still cider in 5 gallon barrels, either way your guests will get to enjoy the perfect pint from Devon.